Posted by Heartland Christian Athletic Association on Feb 22 2022 at 01:15PM PST


Are you interested in transforming your program’s social media presence?

If so, the HCAA’s official partner Gipper can certainly help! Using Gipper, anyone can create graphics for social media, and do so in seconds. Some examples from a partner of theirs can be found here (from Garden City High School):

They are already used by several of our members – plus, members who are making a first time purchase can benefit from a 10% discount off the first year! If you or a colleague is interested, I would recommend booking a demo to learn more at:

Please see the below message from their team (which includes more info on their platform and your exclusive discount code):

Hi -

Spending hours handling social media?

Gipper would enable you to easily create sports graphics for social media – just like you see from elite D1 programs, but do so in seconds. It’s crazy simple and you can do everything on your phone on the sidelines! Plus, you can even use the platform to drive advertising revenue to support your program :)

We’re used by thousands of athletic directors, coaches, and administrators in nearly all areas of the country (including the heartland!)

Would Gipper be helpful for your program?

If so, we’re thrilled to offer you a 10% discount thanks to our partnership with the HCAA. Please go to for more info, contact, book a 15-minute virtual demo or create a free ""sandbox"" account on Gipper via the links below:

15 minute demo:
Free account:

If making a purchase by CC via our site, please use the following discount code during check-out: HCAA2021

If making a purchase by PO, please contact our team and we will apply the discount for you.

Thanks so much!"